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  • Ashley Rae Goldenberg‘s Twitteraccount, @communism_kills, has apparently been permanently suspended.

  • Milo congratulated Sargon on Telegram after Sargon won Attorneys’ Fees in the Case “Hughes v. Benjamin”, which was brought by Akilah Hughes.
  • After an Article by Zachary Petrizzo was published on on the 27th of April 2020, Nick Fuentes was banned from TikTok, a Site where he had hoped to spread his Ideas, saying it was “a great Outlet for political Content, but particularly for young People, for Zoomers”.[1]
  • Andrew Yang tweets that universal basic Income would have helped during this Coronavirus-Crisis:

  • On the 27 of March 2020[2] Uri Friedman of “The Atlantic” writes that “The coronavirus-denial movement officially has a leader, and it’s Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.” On the 25th of March 2020, Jair said (Video below, translated from Timestamp 2:16 to 3:20):

    “We’re going to remain with Chaos and Virus together. What is it that needs to be done? Put the People to work. Preserve the Elderly, preserve those with Health-Problems, but nothing besides that. On the Contrary, what happened in Chile is going to be small Change next to what can happen in Brazil. All of us pay a Price that will take Years to be paid, if indeed Brazil doesn’t yet leave the democratic Normalcy that you so defend. No-one knows what can happen in Brazil. On my Part, i expose myself because what i want to send the People is a Message of Peace, Tranquility, Serenity. What a Few Governors and a Few Prefects are doing is a Crime. They are breaking Brazil, they are destroying Jobs.

    • Portuguese: “Vamos ficar com caos e com Vírus juntos. O que é que precisa ser feito? Botar esse Povo para Trabalhar. Preservar os Idosos, preservar aqueles que têm Problemas de Saúde. Mais nada além disso. Caso contrário, o que aconteceu no Chile vai ser Fichinha perto do que pode acontecer no Brasil. Todos nós pagamos um preço que levará Anos para ser pago. Se é que o Brasil não possa ainda sair da Normalidade democrática que vocês tanto defendem. Ninguém sabe o que pode acontecer no Brasil. Da minha Parte, eu me exponho porque o que eu quero levar para a População é uma Mensagem de Paz, Tranquilidade, Serenidade. O que estão fazendo no Brasil, alguns poucos Governadores e alguns poucos Prefeitos, é um Crime. Eles estão arrebentando com o Brasil, estão destruindo Empregos.

    On the 24th of March 2020, Jair said (translated from Timestamp 0:04 to 3:26 of the Video below):

    “Good Evening. Since when we rescued our Brethren in Wuhan, in China, in an Operation coordinated by the Ministers of Defence and external Relations, there was a yellow Signal for us.

    “We began to prepare ourselves to confront the Coronavirus, because we knew that sooner or later it would reach Brazil. Our Minister of Health met with almost all the States’ Secretaries of Health so that the strategic Planning to confront the Virus would be constructed and since then Doctor Henrique Mandetta has been doing excellent Work clarifying and preparing the SUS to attend to possible Victims.

    “But what we needed to contain at that Moment was the Panic, the Hysteria and at the same Time outline a Strategy to save Lives and avoid Mass-Unemployment.

    “This we did, against almost everything and everyone. The greater Part of the Media went the other Way. They went along with Fear, taking as a Flagship the Announcement of the large Number of Victims in Italy, a Country with a great Number of Elderly as well as a Climate totally different from ours.

    “A perfect Scenario, potentiated by the Media, so that a true Hysteria would spread throughout our Country. That said, it can be seen that from yesterday to today Part of the Press changed it’s Editorialisation: They ask for Calm and Tranquility. This is very good, good for you, brazilian Press.

    “It is essential that Balance and Truth prevail among us. The Virus has arrived, it’s being confronted by us and will soon pass. Our Life needs to continue. Jobs need to be maintained. The Sustenance of the Families needs to be preserved. We need to, yes, return to Normalcy.

    A few municipal and State-Authorities need to abandon the Scorched-Earth-Policy, the Prohibition of Transports, the Closing of Commerce and the Mass-Confinement.

    “What happens in the World has shown that the Risk-Group is Over-60s. So why close Schools? Rarely are there fatal Cases of healthy Under-40s. 90 Percent of us will not have any Symptoms, in Case of our being contaminated.

    “We should, yes, take extreme Care not to transmit the Virus to Others, especially our beloved Parents and Grandparents, respecting the Guidance given by the Ministry of Health. In my particular Case, because of my History as an Athlete, in Case of my being contaminated by the Virus, i would not need to worry, i would not feel anything or it would at Most be like a little Case of the Flu or a little Cold, as that well know Doctor of that well known Television says so well.”

    • Portuguese: “Boa Noite. Desde quando resgatamos aos nossos Irmãos em Wuhan, na China, numa Operação coordenada pelos Ministérios da Defesa e Relações exteriores, surgiu para nós um Sinal amarelo.

      “Começamos a nos preparar para enfrentar o Coronavírus, pois sabíamos que mais cedo ou mais tarde ele chegaria ao Brasil. Nosso Ministro da Saúde reuniu-se com quase todos os Secretários de Saúde dos Estados para que o Planejamento estratégico de Enfrentamento ao Vírus fosse construído e, desde então, o Doutor Henrique Mandetta vem desempenhando um excelente Trabalho de Esclarecimento e Preparação do SUS para Atendimento de possíveis Vítimas.

      “Mas o que tínhamos que conter naquele Momento era o Pânico, a Histeria e ao mesmo Tempo traçar a Estratégia para salvar Vidas e evitar o Desemprego em Massa.

      “Assim fizemos, quase contra tudo e contra todos. Grande Parte dos Meios de Comunicação foram na Contramão. Espalharam exatamente a Sensação de Pavor, tendo como Carro-Chefe o Anúncio do grande Número de Vítimas na Itália, um País com grande Número de Idosos e com um Clima totalmente diferente do nosso.

      “Um Cenário perfeito, potencializado pela Mídia, para que uma verdadeira Histeria se espalhasse pelo nosso País. Contudo, percebe-se que, de ontem para hoje Parte da Imprensa mudou seu Editorial: pedem Calma e Tranquilidade. Isso é muito bom, Parabéns Imprensa brasileira.

      “É essencial que o Equilíbrio e a Verdade prevaleçam entre nós. O Vírus chegou, está sendo enfrentado por nós e brevemente passará. Nossa Vida tem que continuar. Os Empregos devem ser mantidos. O Sustento das Famílias deve ser preservado. Devemos, sim, voltar à Normalidade.

      Algumas poucas Autoridades estaduais e municipais devem abandonar o Conceito de Terra arrasada, a Proibição de Transportes, o Fechamento de Comércio e o Confinamento em Massa.

      “O que se passa no Mundo tem mostrado que o Grupo de Risco é o das Pessoas acima dos 60 Anos. Então, por que fechar Escolas? Raros são os Casos fatais de Pessoas sãs, com menos de 40 Anos de Idade. Noventa por Cento de nós não teremos qualquer Manifestação, Caso se contamine.

      “Devemos sim ter extrema Preocupação em não transmitir o Vírus para os Outros, em especial aos nossos queridos Pais e Avós, respeitando as Orientações do Ministério da Saúde. No meu Caso particular, pelo meu Histórico de Atleta, Caso fosse contaminado pelo Vírus não precisaria me preocupar, nada sentiria ou seria quando muito, acometido de uma Gripezinha ou Resfriadinho, como bem disse aquele conhecido Médico daquela conhecida Televisão.”

  • Tommy Robinson was arrested on the 1st of March 2020 and bailed until the 2nd of April after an Altercation at the Pool at Center Parcs Woburn Forest in Bedfordshire.[3] Avi Yemini has tweeted this:

  • On the 14th of February 2020, JF Gariépy celebrates Nick Fuentes’s Loss of his YouTube-Channel America First with Nicholas J Fuentes:

  • On the 13th of Febuary 2020, Avi Yemini tweeted the Following:

  • Ramzpaul makes Fun of the Notion of Diversity being Strength in a Tweet in which he links to an Article talking about shocking Emails between Boeing-Employees showing some of them didn’t seem to have much Faith in Boeing’s 737 Max:

  • In a Tweet tweeted on the 30th of January 2020, Bari Weiss of “The New York Times” wonders if she just got yanged:

  • On the 14th of January 2020, John Iadarola tweets that it “kind of hurts” that Dave Chapelle has endorsed Andrew Yang:

  • Faith Goldy reacts on Twitter on the 24th of December 2019 to Trish Regan of Fox News saying Nick Fuentes “kind of deserves” “a Punch in the Face” from Ben Shapiro:

  • Richard Spencer’s Ex, Nina Koupriianova, wrote on Instagram on the 12th of December 2019 that she is elated and calls the 11th of December her “second borthday” after receiving the Text-Message from her Attorney: “You are divorced!”.

    Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an

    “You are divorced!” – I received a text message from my attorney followed by multiple exclamation points. I couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of the day yesterday and declared December 11th my second birthday. Naturally. 🎂🥂 . . The process has taken nearly two years. Being in an asymmetrical financial position and a foreigner in the U.S., my savings are decimated, and the terms of the divorce are not ideal. Yet I am SO damn happy! 🥳💪🏻 . . If someone told me a decade ago that it’s possible to feel not just content, but *elation* after one’s divorce is final, I would’ve scoffed. Massively. Of course, that was before I knew about those displaying longterm, pervasive patterns of maladaptive behavior, such as the narcissistic and anti-social relational styles—leaving chaos and destruction in their wake wherever they go. So much so that many of their targets independently nickname them “category-5 hurricane.” 💨 Often, those who suffer the most harm are their loved ones. . . These are social chameleons who present a plausible public image and mask their true modus operandi until one is hooked. And it’s not just the gullible. Even renowned Canadian criminal psychologist, Dr. Robert Hare, admitted to being duped on some occasions by the most severe form of these manipulators, the psychopath, despite studying them for decades. But, of course, these manipulators are not invincible. Their lifestyle catches up to them. Sooner or later. ⚖️ . . At the beginning of my journey through this malevolent fairytale forest to the light of freedom, I thought, “Time lost”, then—“Time lost, wisdom gained.” But now—perhaps, inspired by binging on some old Maiden 🎸—I realize: . . «Don’t waste your time always searching for those wasted years Face up, make your stand And realize you’re living in the golden years.» . . And that’s exactly what I’m doing! ✨ . . . . . . . #memyselfandi #ihateselfies #pnwliving #montanaliving #406 #whitefishmontana #narcissisticabuse #divorce #domesticviolence #ich #je #moi #pacificnorthwest #selfie #moi #metalgirl #я #себяшка #брюнетка #私 #selfhelp #selfie #brunette #curlyhair #domesticabuse #ladyinblack #pnwlove #montanalove #montana

    Ein Beitrag geteilt von Nina ❥ (@ninakouprianova) am