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Megan Bobonick (born around the 8th of May 1989)[1][2][3][4] is Richard Spencer’s Girlfriend.[5] She has tweeted that she is a “White Identity preservationist with both liberal and Alt-Right qualities” and a “[l]iberal Alt-Right scholar”.[4] An Individual or Group identifying as Indiana Jones Antifa claimed in December 2018 to have published where she lives, what Churches she goes to, where she is registered to vote, who her Parents are and other Things.[6] She has said she is a Professor and expected to finish her doctoral Dissertation by Winter 2019,[7] but in June 2019 she still described herself as a doctoral Student of Education.[8]


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[Megan stated[9] on the eponymous YouTube-Channel Luke Ford that @DonnerParty16 used to be her Twitter.]

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