Andrew Anglin


Chris Cuomo

  • Fredo is under 50 and in good shape. I mean he’s on jacked to the max on steroids, but he’s not fat, and I doubt that steroid use, for all the problems it causes, introduces increased risk for Coronavirus.[1]

Coronavirus-Disease 2019

  • I was and still am of the belief that this virus is a bioweapon, and it seemed possible that it had gotten out of control and could end up being a disaster.[2]

“Daily Stormer”

  • If this was primarily a racist and anti-Semitic gaming website, it is now primarily an anti-lockdown and anti-Semitic gaming website.[3]

Daniel Pearl

  • As these things go, he was more of a spy than a journalist, as is often the case with journalists.[4]


Deleted Gab,

[Talking to another Gabber about the above Gab on the 13th of March 2018, Andrew Anglin gabbed this:]

Deleted Gab,


  • Italians are the most physical of all people on earth, probably. Even the men kiss each other on the lips.[2]