Andrew Yang

Andrew Yang is a former democratic Candidate for US-President 2020. His Campaign-Slogans were “It’s not Left or Right, it’s forward”;[1][2] “Humanity first”;[3] and “Make America think harder” (“MATH”).[4] His Supporters, referred to collectively as the “Yanggang” and individually as a “Yangster”,[4] were described by Grace Panetta of “Business Insider” as “die-hard and extremely online”.[1]


Alt Right

  • Yeah, i’ve already disavowed the Support of anyone who has any Kind of Agenda of Hatefulness or Racism and, i, you know, i’ve said: “Look, i don’t want their Support”. And if you look at me and my Background, i’m the Son of Immigrants, you know, i’ve been working, like, you know, like in a progressive Direction for Years and Years, and so i have limited Control over some of the People that decide that my Platform is something they’re interested in, but i’ve already disavowed the Support of anyone who has Beliefs that are antithetical to mine in that Way.[5]

Andy Ngo


  • It’s like we, we’re running, we’re in this System of Hypercapitalism run amok.[6]


  • Ben Shapiro: Okay, so now i want to race through some of the Policy-Proposals. I want to get one out of the Way immediately, because People think the Reason you came on here was to discuss Circumcision, which was not the Reason you came on the Show and not the Reason i asked you on the Show. So, your Position on Circumcision: You are anti Circumcision, but you are not in Favour of banning it, is that correct?
    Andrew Yang: Yeah, that’s certainly right. I mean, you know, i have two young Boys and, you know, when the first was born my Wife dug into various, you know, Reasons for circumcising your Kids and then she was unconvinced and then she convinced me to be unconvinced, shall we say, but i’ve attended my Friend’s Bris for their Son and, you know, it’s up to Parents what they want to do and certainly for any like religious or cultural Reason like People should be free to adopt whatever they want for their Children.
    Ben Shapiro: So fine, we’re cool. Because, you know, there’s some, the medical Evidence is at best conflicting, sometimes it’s trendy, sometimes it’s not. There’s Talk about, you know, your, the Prevention of penile Cancer, Urinary-Tract-Infection and Stuff, but, you know, the Fact is that as long as you’re not looking to ban it, i don’t care, right? Your Perspective on it is your Perspective, fine.
    Andrew Yang: And i have to say how taken aback i was at how much of a Thing it became [possibly referring to the Twitter-Thread below].
    Ben Shapiro: I mean, you mentioned Circumcision, so now it’s a Thing, right? This is the Stupidity of the Internet.[7]


Donald Trump

  • A Trump-Voter in the Midwest said to me that he can’t wait for me to debate Donald Trump, because he thinks that i would crush him. And the Reason why he said this is that, whereas Donald Trump is all Bluster and Spectacle, you’re all Facts and Logic. I’m like Ice to his Fire. And so one of the Jokes, i was trying to imitate Trump, and i was like, you know: “Comrade Yang, go back to China”, or you know, or something like that.[8]


  • So i would decriminalise all Opiates for personal Use, including Heroin. So if you’re an Addict and you get caught using, you do not go to Jail. You get referred to Treatment and Counselling. And what this would do is this would increase the Likelihood that Addicts would seek Help.[9]
  • Yes. I’m for decriminalizing both cannabis and opiates in part because I believe we can learn from Portugal’s experiences.
    • Answering the Question: “Should we adopt a drug policy like Portugal?”[10]


  • It’s not Socialism, it’s Capitalism where Income doesn’t start at zero.[11]
  • Ethan Klein: So Felons, who have served their Time, get the Dividend?
    Andrew Yang: When they come out, they start getting it. It also does not accrue during that Time.[12]


  • You’re not going to believe this: I am Teddy Roosevelt’s Great-Granddaughter’s Godfather, which makes me absolutely nothing to Teddy Roosevelt.[13]
  • …one of my Sons is autistic and has ADHD…[14]


  • I am for a Two-State-Solution, uh, it’s to be the best Path forward in Terms of the israeli-palestinian Conflict and that has been historically the Stance of the US.[15]
  • Israel is a very, very important Ally of the US. Certainly some of the Actions that are being taken there are deeply problematic and run afoul of some of the Standards we’d like to see Countries meet. I’d be hesitant to say that they are in Violation of those Standards.
    • In Response to the Question: “Do you think Israel meets international Standards of human Rights?”[16][17]

Julian Assange

  • You know, i think Julian Assange should stand Trial. You know, i’m generally pro Whistleblower and like pro People that are trying to call out bad Behaviours, but in that particular Case, like he did end up disclosing some Information that really had no useful Purpose except for potential Damage to our Infrastructure like the undersea Cables-Locations, [inaudible] so i certainly would not be in Favour of like, you know, like [Questioner asks: “Pardon?”] yeah, i think he should stand Trial.[18]


Saira Rao

Minimum Wage


  • No, i’m a big 80s-Fan, so i like The Smiths and The Cure.[19]


  • The Reality is that for every 10 or a 100 Groups of Workers that want to unionise, most of them are intimidated and believe, and scared out of doing so. And a Lot of this is because you have these very, very Union-unfriendly Right-to-work-Laws on the Books in some States. So that’s something i would love to change as President.[20]

Robert Reich

Scott Santens and Andy Stern

Shane Gillis



Quotes about him

Bari Weiss

Cenk Uygur

  • Andrew Yang endorsing Biden makes no Sense at all.[21]

Chuck Todd

And the Person best, i think the Person that is going to, that could be the Wildcard here if Bernie starts to recede is Andrew Yang.[22]

Eliza Siep

Emma Vigeland

F.I. Goldhaber


Honda Wang

Jack Dorsey

  • Yeah, we’re, we’re doing, we’re doing 5 Million[-Dollar-Donation] for Humanity forward and your Work, um, And uh, and um, i just, i really appreciate who you are first and foremost, but also what you’re doing. I think this Idea [UBI] is long overdue and i think the only Way that we can change Policy is by experimenting and showing Case-Studies of why this works. And a Number of other Countries have proven small Experiments as well, but we have to do it here. And, um, i just, your Voice, uh, in bringing this to the public Conversation and the global public Conversation has been incredible and i’m just so grateful, because we need this [UBI] and we need this as soon as possible.[23]

Jonathan Munitz

Kimberly Watkins

  • Andrew Yang didn’t harass me physically, he, nothing like that, but he did treat me unjustly and he violated me economically.[24]

Kari Walker, republican Co-Owner of the Touchdown Tavern in Reedsburg, Wisconsin

  • I will tell you, i love Andrew Yang.[25]

Kyle Kulinski

  • [H]e’s the closest to my Position on this Issue [the Drugs-Issue] of everybody in the [presidential] Race.[26]



Nomiki Konst

Robert Reich

Tim Black

  • Yeah, ’cause, you know, i’ve never liked, i’ve never liked Andrew Yang sayin’, you know: “I like Math. Well, you know, i like Math.” It’s just, and i get it, there are a Lot of asian Folks who don’t give a Sh*t. They’re like: “Ah, pff.” I guess because asian Guys likin’ Math, though it is a Stereotype, it’s a positive one.[27]

Unknown young Woman in Des Moines, Iowa

  • I took off my Bernie-Pin. I mean, i love Bernie, but this Guy, he should be President.[28]

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