Atheism is unstoppable

Devon Tracey, a.k.a. Atheism is unstoppable or Aiu, is a democratic, liberal, Leftwing-YouTuber.[1] He describes himself as “a Member of the sane Left, the non-regressive Left, the Obama-Left”.[2] Devon says he’s a UCLA-Graduate.[3]

Places he’s lived

Devon says he lived two Years in Freiburg im Breisgau before moving to Australia.[4] In Mid-2018, he left Melbourne because his Visa had apparently expired.[5]


Cenk Uygur

  • You are a D*ck-Rider for the Palestinians. You are as biased as humanly possible on the Issue [of Israel]. You support the BDS-Movement, while having IBS.[6]

Philip DeFranco

  • I don’t like Philip DeFranco.[7]


  • Anybody who is sane, anybody who is smart, should be in Support of Israel.[8]


  • Muslims hate Jews, so they have a seething Hatred of the jewish People.[9]

Richard Spencer

  • I’m amused by the Guy … I think he’s, I mean, if anything, at bare Minimum, he’s entertaining and charming.[10]

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