Avi Yemini

Avraham (Avi) Shalom Yemini[1][2] (born on the 17th of October 1985)[3][4][5] is a jewish-australian[6] Rightwing-Activist.[7] Avi is a former Israel-Defence-Forces-Sharpshooter.[8][6] He holds both australian and israeli Citizenship.[9] As he had the Intent to run for an Upper-House-Seat in Victoria’s November-2018-Election[10][11] (which he did), Avi joined the Australian Conservatives around October 2017, but left them on the 1st of March 2018[12] for what was then known as the Australian Liberty-Alliance, because he felt the Australian Conservatives were “too restrictive” for him and were “starting to mold” him in a Direction he “just wasn’t comfortable with”.[13] On the 23rd of February 2019, Ezra Levant tweeted that Avi and Tommy Robinson were “starting a news site together, at TR.news”.[14]

Early Life and Family

The ninth[15] or tenth[16] Child of Zephaniah (who grew up as Stephen)[17] and Haya[18] (a.k.a. Chaya, Transliterations of hebrew Name)[19][2] Waks (pronounced “Wax”),[20] to whom were born 11 Sons and 6 Daughters,[21] Avi was born in Melbourne,[16] Australia[6] and raised a Chabadnik.[6] Although no longer orthodox, he wears a Kippah “in synagogue or when talking to the media” as a Statement that he is Proud of his Heritage.[6] On his paternal Side he is russian-polish, on his maternal Side, yemeni, his Israeli-born Mother Haya’s Parents being yemeni.[17][22]Manny Waks, the CEO of the Child-Abuse-Advocacy-Group Kol v’Oz, is Avi’s second-eldest Sibling.[23][24] In 2009, Avi changed his Surname to “Yemini”, his Mother’s Maiden-Name.[3] There is a Documentary about the Wakses, “Welcome to the Waks Family” (2003).[17] Haya and Zephaniah had 50 Grandchildren in May 2019.[25] The Names of their 17 Children are Shlomit, Manny, Shneur, Shmaya, Joseph, Yaakov, Yisrael, Esti, Devorah Leah, Avi, Didy, Chaim, Dovi, Rivkah, Avigail, Levi and Sheiny.[26]

Serves in IDF, starts Gym IDF-Training

Around the Age of 19, Avi joined the Israel-Defence-Forces. He was in the Golani Brigade[8] and spent most of his Time as a Sharpshooter on Israel’s border with Gaza.[27] He also served in the Second Lebanon-War in South-Lebanon.[28] Upon returning to Australia after his Time in the IDF, Avi and his Ex-Wife[29] Sarah launched their Business, IDF-Training, now the biggest Krav-Maga-Training-Centre in Australia.[30][31] It consists of Two Gyms, one in Caulfield and another in Melbourne CBD. IDF-Training declares itself to be a Supporter of both the israeli and australian Militaries and aims to help potential Recruits prepare for military Service for either Country.[32] On the 30th of July 2018, Avi anounced in a YouTube-Video that he had signed off IDF-Training to new Management and ceased to be a Part of IDF-Training, having decided he wanted to be involved in Activism full-Time and asking People to support him with Donations, as he longer was to receive any Income from IDF-Training.[33]


Advocates for white Southafricans

Avi has advocated for white Southafricans, who he says are facing Genocide and are being ignored “because they are white”.[34] In March 2018, he made a Video at a Pro-Refugee-Rally in Melbourne wherein he attempted to collect Signatures for a Petition “to save the persecuted white South Africans”.[35][34] “Well, the only other Place that I can think of that talked about expropriation without compensation was, as a Jew, what comes to mind for me is Nazi Germany”, he says.[36]

Loses Facebook-Page

On the 2nd of August 2018, Avi made a YouTube video announcing he had lost his Facebook page, which was located at https://www.facebook.com/OzraeliAvi/.[37]


Is charged with throwing Chopping-Board at Sarah Lyford

In July 2019, Avi pled guilty “to throwing a chopping board at his ex-wife, Sarah Lyford’s head as she prepared the couples dinner”, after which, she alleged, she “was left to tend to” her “own Injuries and finish making the Dinner”. He was fined $3,600.[38]

Visits Hongkong

In August 2019, Avi was sent to Hongkong by therebel.media to report on the Situation there during the Protests.[39] During his Time there he interviewed a young Man, who said the Following, which became a Meme among Anti-CPC-Rightwingers:

Avi has called it his “most viral Interview of 2019” and said that Donald Trump Jr called it “THE MOST IMPORTANT VIDEO ON THE INTERNET”.[40] Keean Bexte tweeted this:


Ari Fuld

[Ari Fuld was an American-Israeli who was stabbed to Death outside a Shopping-Mall near the Settlement of Efrat in the Westbank on the 16th of September 2018 by 17-Year-old Khalil Jabarin.[41]]

Ashlee Brown

Ben Simmons


“Daily Stormer”


  • I’m an Arab-Jew.[42]
  • I’m not that religious. I like Bacon and Eggs. I love Bacon and Eggs.[43]
  • When I say I’m jewish, I’m what I consider a cultural Jew. I am proud of my Heritage.[44]
  • I have three Brothers that are Rabbis.[45]
  • I have five Siblings, jewish Siblings, all married with Kids and they all support Trump.[46]

His Children


  • Let’s … take in People who are going to make us great, not People who are going to bring us down.[47]
  • Look at [[:wikipedia:Victoria|Victoria]], look at … the sudanese Crime-Wave Victoria is currently living through and you can see what happens when you just bring in Quantity and not Quality, when you just bring People in for the Sake of bringing them in because you want to feel good about yourself.[48]



  • I want to hear the Anti-Zionists, i always love them. They’re a Pack of Anti-Semites.[49]

Jack Mendel


  • I promise you this now: If Jews were targeting anyone and killing them just because of who they are, I’ll be on the Forefront of that Fight too, just like [[:wikipedia:Mohammad Tawhidi|Imam Tawhidi]] is on the Forefront of combatting radical Islam. Clap for him.[50]
  • I think … most of World-Jewry outside of Israel, where they live in the real bloody World, they are Leftists … but I don’t know if that specifically comes from religious Background, I think that comes [from] — I call it — Holocaust-Guilt.[51]

Laura Loomer

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  • I’m not religious and I do not care who you pray to. I don’t care if you pray to Jesus, I don’t care if you pray to Moh[ammed], I don’t care who you pray to, I don’t care if you pray to a Fish … as long as your God or whoever you’re praying to doesn’t tell you to kill me. That’s where I draw the Line.[52]

The Chinese

White People

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