Brian of London

Brian Thomas, a.k.a. Brian of London, is a Blogger and YouTuber who made Aliyah from the UK to Israel in 2009.[1] Brian describes himself as an “[i]ndigenous Jewish Rights Activist & resettler living in Tel Aviv”[2] and a “[f]ree speech extremist”.[3]


  • Europe is run by mostly Non-Jews. I mean, if Mark [Collett] is going to believe that every single Thing that’s bad in his World is because of a Jew, we’re going to leave him to that View, but, the bigger Point is that Europe is heading down a Path to losing itself to Islam. They’ve bought in an Ideology that is unprepared to assimilate or change and what that leads to is the native Population becoming Dhimmis, becoming fearful of stepping out of Line in an islamic Caliphate. And that’s the Way i see Europe heading and that’s why i left Europe ten Years ago, because i realised it would not be a good Place to bring up my jewish Kids.[4]

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