The alternative Right doesn’t know what to call itself anymore

During the Episode of Richard Spencer’s YouTube-Show “The McSpencer-Group” published on the 3rd of April 2020, Richard was complaining, in the Context of the Coronavirus-Crisis, about “a Decline in State-Power” and US-Conservatives’ general Disdain for Government. Mark Brahmin then said the Following:

“Yeah, no i mean, it’s uh, it’s Boomer-Tears, as they say, right? Um[laughs], i don’t, um, yeah, there’ve been some pretty bad Takes with the Virus. It goes to that Fear, this Fear of Government, which is kind of a, i don’t know if it’s, you might say, because the Thing is the alt[ernative] Right or the dissident Right or whatever we call it now, is fed by different Streams and one of those, one of those Streams is kind of this libertarian Stream, which has more this Anxiety. It’s more for small Government and it fears anything in a kind of reflexive and dogmatic Way, that it represents a Government-Intrusion or Government-Influence. And so this is one of those Examples.”

Really, you yourselves don’t even know what to call this Movement anymore? Richard Spencer coined the Term “alternative Right” on the 6th of August 2008.[1] It’s really curious that Mark doesn’t know what Term Richard wants him to use here. Notice Richard doesn’t tell Mark what he wants their Movement to be called now, he just says “yeah” and nods. This isn’t extremely new News, as Richard has been confused for a While about what he wants to call the Movement he’s in.

It’s also not clear whether or not they are saying they are Part of the alternative Right or dissident Right themselves. Maybe they would just say they are above needing to explain themselves. My Theory is that this has something to do with Nick Fuentes and Co.’s Aversion to the Term “alternative Right”. The Twitter-Conversation shown below that Nick had with Scott Greer shows he doesn’t seem to mind the Term “dissident Right”, otherwise he probably would have tweeted to Scott that he doesn’t consider himself Part of the dissident Right.

Before Nick was banned from YouTube, he was consistently getting Lots of Views. Even now that he is no longer on YouTube, he has a big Following on, despite being so quick to tell Viewers off when they say something he doesn’t like. Richard recently was begging for YouTube-Subscribers. He probably wishes he could draw the Crowd Nick draws.

At the Time of Writing, the above Video has a mere 9,300 or so Views. Videos on Richard’s YouTube-Channel NPI / RADIX rarely get over 20,000 Views.[2] In Mid-February 2020, when Nick was still on YouTube, Nick was getting around 40-50,000 Views per Video.[3] One of Nick’s YouTube-Videos in Mid-January 2020 had over 80,000 Views.[4]

Richard edited a Website at from sometime in 2010 to sometime in 2012, then started, for who knows what Reason.[5] Did he think about abandoning his own Term “alterative Right” back then? Then in August 2016, Hillary Clinton mentioned the alternative Right in a Speech.[6] This, Richard says, “put the alt[ernative] Right on the Map”. In 2017, Richard founded a Website at, which looks to have been inactive since sometime in 2018. It’s been pointed out that if his starting in 2012 was his Way of trying to distance himself from his Term “alternative Right” once, he might try to do it again.

According to Richard, when Hillary, whom he has called “a Bête noire”, mentioned the alternative Right in her Speech, she “put the alt[ernative] Right on the Map”.[7] Maybe the Feeling of Euphoria he got from that Attention is wearing off now and he’s going to go in another Direction. Only Time will tell.

4th of April 2020