Cenk Uygur


Bernie Sanders

  • I disagree with Bernie’s Gun-Policy, okay?[1]


  • So in Terms of why i call myself a Capitalist, it’s because i believe in Incentives and Disincentives, i believe in the free Market.[2]



* I’ve said this a Thousand Times: I’m not Your everyday, You know, Liberal. I believe that there are Differences in Culture and i believe that a Lot of the Cultures have wonderful Parts and not so great Parts and we should actually figure out what the good Parts are and then take that.[3]

Donald Trump

  • After the Market-Crashes, he’s going to have no Support at all. In Fact, I’ll predict right here for you, Chris. I think Donald Trump will leave Office before his Term is up.[4][5][6]
  • So if it turns out that the Northkorea-Conflict is more complicated than one Page, we need the President to read past one Page, but he won’t do it.[7]

Free Speech

* I believe in the First Amendment and we defend it to the Hilt in every Case, including when the Rightwing say terrible Things. Um, so i believe it in Principle and so i would not ban the Swastika, okay?[8]

Green New Deal

* [W]e’re gonna do the Green New Deal, we’re going to get People a Lot of Jobs creating the right Energy-Grid in this Country, and we’re gonna — it’s not just a moral Issue, it’s going to create more Jobs, and You want to argue against Jobs?[9]


* It’s all about the Oil and it sickens me to my Core.[10]



  • America, your Daughters are Lesbians.[11]


* It’s [Climate-Change is] actually a double Whammy because You get Mass-Migration, which makes the southern Border even tougher to control.[12]


* I know You’re not supposed to criticise Obama, it’s like a holy Grail or third Rail, and all those different Kinds of Rails, but i’ve done it for eight straight Years. I basically got, You know, run out of Town at MSNBC for doing it, but sad Day.[13]


* Who are we hitting with nuclear-tipped Missiles that we need over three Thousand of them on our Submarines? What, the iraqi Navy, is that the Problem that we’re going to have to fight? The fearsome iraqi Navy?[14]

Political Correctness

* The President [Donald Trump] is a Moron and everyone knows it, but in Order to be polite and politically correct, they won’t say it. And that’s the Difference between us and them.[15]

Public Education

* Public Education started in Scotland.[16]


* The United-States-Military is one of the biggest socialist Programmes we have.[17]

* The Reality is, we all live in a mixed Economy, so even talking about Capitalism and Socialism i think is misplaced.[18]

White Privilege

* I know that some People are annoyed by the Term “white Privilege”, but let me explain what it means. It doesn’t mean that all white People are privileged, most white People in this Country are poor or Middle-Class and they have a Lot of the same Problems that everybody else has, okay? It means that You get preferential Treatment You’re not even aware of.[19]

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