Emily Youcis

Emily Youcis is a former Pistacchio-Vendor at Citizens-Bank-Park,[1] who was fired after she attended Richard Spencer‘s National-Policy-Institute-Conference in Novemeber 2016. She says she is 50 Percent italian, 16 Percent lithuanian, hence her last Name, and 34 Percent polish.[2]


Demographic Change

  • [She said this in 2016:] Basically we just want to keep Whites from becoming Minorities in their own Homelands. I mean if you see what’s going on in Europe, native Germans are going to become a Minority in about 4 Years and in Britain i think native British are already a Minority. And this is forced Immigration, forced Integration, forced Assimilation, which is basically what you can call Genocide. And then in the United States we are, Whites are going to become a Minority in just a few Years.[3]

Quotes about her


  • Trump Girl Trolls #DemExit Protesters[4]

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