Hasan Piker

Hasan Piker

Height 6 Feet 4 Inches[1]
Weight 220 Pounds[2]
Orientation and Gender Male Heterosexual[3]
Education Rutgers-University (BA)
Languages Turkish
Mother Sedef Piker (Sister of Cenk Uygur)[4][5]
Siblings Murat (Brother)[4]
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Hasan Dogan Piker[6][7] (born on the 25th of July 1991[8][9][10] in Newbrunswick, Newjersey[11]) is a Nephew of Cenk Uygur of “The Young Turks”, whose Website, tyt.com, describes as “an American journalist, producer, activist, and political commentator”.[12] On Twitter, Hasan has stated: “i’m not a journalist i’m a gamer”.[13] He is an Agnostic and cultural Muslim,[14] has been circumcised.[15] After being given birth to in the US so he could have US-Citizenship, he grew up in Turkey and thus speaks Turkish and English. Contrary to popular Belief, he speaks very little German, only what he learned in School. At 18, he moved to the US to study, attending first the University of Miami in 2009 and 2010 for two Semesters, where he earned a 2.9 GPA, after which he transferred to Rutgers-University, from which he graduated cum Laude in 2013.[16][17][18] politicon.com says he has “a dual degree in Political Science and Communications”,[19] whereas he has said it’s a double Major.[20] A BuzzFeed-Article in May 2017 described him as a “woke Bae”, something he laughs and shakes his Head at.[18][21]


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  • I’m not an Anarchist.[22]

Andrew Cuomo

Andrew Scheer

Andrew Yang

  • He’s not Leftwing, by the Way, he’s just, he’s just a neoliberal Technocrat, which is every Bit the same S**t that like Hillary Clinton was advocating for, except with UBI added, as an added Measure.[23]

Ann Coulter

Antifash Gordon

Briscoe Cain

Chris Morgan, a.k.a. Angry Bagel-Boss-Guy

Dan Crenshaw

Democratic Party USA

Devon Tracey, a.k.a. Atheism is unstoppable

  • Oh my God! That Dude is a f**king Psychopath.[24]

Donald Trump

Emily Tisch Sussman

George W. Bush

  • George W. Bush was a War-Criminal.[25]



  • And i also understand, like for Example, i’m not a Communist, i wouldn’t even, i don’t even know if i’m a Socialist, i’m certainly not an orthodox Marxist and yet when People call me “Communist”, which they do all the Time, i have no Problem with that, because i understand that for the average Viewer, for the average Person who is not very well-versed on Politics, i probably do sound like a Communist.[26]


  • What the F**k is Iran supposed to do? I want them to f***ing enrich Uranium. I am going to be, i am going to keep it 100 Percent real right now with you [talking to a Centrist]. I, they deserve to f***ing have nuclear Warheads. I said it. 1,000 Percent. There is no other Way that a Nation-State can have any Form of Autonomy in this Day and Age when all of the other Countries in the western World have nuclear Warheads.[27]


Pete Buttigieg

Stefan Molyneux

Marianne Williamson


Presidential Election 2020

“Provo’s Most Eligible” Season 2 Episode 1 Part 2

  • This is what you gotta show everybody who wants to protect the West, Dude. Like, if [US-Representative] Steven King or Steve King saw this Show, he’d be like: “Alright, never mind, Dude, we need, we need white Genocide. We need to breed out the Whiteness. Instead of, yeah, instead of one Collin, there’s like f***ing twenty Collins on this Show. And they say white People don’t have Culture. Exactly. Try, try again Sweaty.”[28]


Quotes about him

Liana Kerzner, a.k.a. Liana K

  • He asked: “Is this a Femcel?”. So he referred to me as a Femcel. Said: “This is what white Feminism is about”. And made a Comment about: “And they say only Men can be School-Shooters”. All this because i didn’t like a Videogame. Now i shouldn’t have to go on past that, but apparently he also implied later on, a Few People have told me, that i made up the Fact that i had black Friends and have black Friends.[29]
  • He referred to me as a white capitalist Feminist.[30]

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