Kshama Sawant


Jenny Durkan


  • Obviously it’s paramount and that is the Defunding of SPD by at least 50 Percent. And i agree with the People who spoke in public Comment that this has, this is absolutely starting with Demilitarisation and taking away the Right to purchase Weapons. And as many of you know my Legislation and our Movement’s Legislation to ban chemical Weapons and all so-called Crowd-Control-Weapons is going to be coming for a Vote on Monday. We absolutely want a Yes-Vote without watering down on that Bill. But it goes beyond forbidding the Purchase of these devastating Weapons, we also need to go beyond that and cut, actually cut the SPD-Budget by at least Half and use those Funds for Grassroots-Initiatives, not big Organisations, but Grassroots-Initiatives, People who are already doing the Work in the Community for restorative Justice.[1]
  • And it is important for us to recognise the Victory that this Movement has won by driving the Police out from 11th and Pine and from the East-Precinct, but it’s also important to remember that we are not going to be able to stay there permanently in Tents. We will need to convert this into political Demands. We need to permanently take the East-Precinct away from the Police, but we also don’t accept that it should be boarded up permanently either. We need the City-Council and the Mayor’s Office to convert this into a Community-Centre for restorative Justice and creative Arts, you name it.[2]


    We are in a City with the Nation’s most regressive Tax-System.[3]