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Megan Bobonick (born around the 8th of May 1989)[1][2][3][4] is Richard Spencer’s Fiancée.[5][6] She has tweeted that she has “both liberal and Alt[ernative]-Right qualities” and is a “[l]iberal Alt[ernative]-Right scholar”.[4] An Individual or Group identifying as Indiana Jones Antifa claimed in December 2018 to have published where she lives, what Churches she goes to, where she is registered to vote, who her Parents are and other Things.[7] She has said she is a Professor and expected to finish her doctoral Dissertation by Winter 2019,[8] but in June 2019 she still described herself as a doctoral Student of Education.[9]


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[That Richard Spencer once tweeted “Happy birthday to @MeganKPenguin, who’s loving, caring, and energizing and a wonderful part of my life” is incontrovertible Proof that that Twitter-Handle was being used by Megan Bobonick.]


  • Without Zoloft, I am unfit to serve as President of my own life. This might change one day, but that day is not today. #WorldMentalHealthDay[10]
  • So, Antifa, I conclude this letter with a dedication. I want to dedicate my dissertation to you, and as I progress with its proposal you might even receive an invitation to its defense. And while there you can wave printouts of my old, goofy Twitter account, shout about my relationship with a Nazi, and show pictures of texts where I am ambivalent about how to handle race as an identity construct.[11]
  • For everyone who has been expressing their opinions about my relationship, I would like to state the following: I posted links to my libelous website to negate Nina’s abuse allegations and clarify her motivations. I entered my relationship during their separation.[12]
  • I have kept everything private for the sake of their divorce and children. I have recently made some things public to make a statement about the calm, stable temperament of my boyfriend – even in the face of our differences. I am a liberal (technically a leftist),[12]
  • though I do vary in my positions and always welcome new information. I was raised Catholic, but I identify as an agnostic. You do not have to like everything I say or do, but if you choose to interact with me please understand I will engage you with new ideas and perspectives.[13]

[Megan stated[14] on the eponymous YouTube-Channel Luke Ford that @DonnerParty16 used to be her Twitter.]

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[On the 24th of June 2019, Megan tweeted this:]

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