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Michael Enoch Isaac Peinovich[1] (born ca. 1977[1]), a.k.a. ”’Mike Enoch”’, is a newyorkian Podcaster, the Founder of the Podcast “TDS” on therightstuff.biz,[2] whom Journalist Matthew Sheffield has called “one of the three most influential figures in the Alt[ernative]-Right, alongside … Andrew Anglin and Richard Spencer”.[3] In 2012, Mike founded therightstuff.biz, a.k.a. “The Right Stuff”, a.k.a. “TRS”. According to “Forward”, the “Echoes” or triple Parentheses that alternative Rightists often use around jewish Names originated on “The Right Stuff”.[4] The Southern Poverty-Law-Centre and “Hill”-Editor Will Sommer say Mike is the Creator of this Meme.[5][6]


Mike’s Father, who has a doctoral Degree in english Linguistics and whose Résumé includes teaching old English at the University of Pennsylvania and working at Chase Manhattan Bank,[7][1] is named Mike Peinovich, as was his Father.[1] Mike’s Father is married to Billie Gleissner,[7] “who was a psychiatric social worker for many years”.[1] In 2017, they were in their 70s. They moved to Montclair, New Jersey in 2001 for its Schools, having previously lived in Maplewood and Livingston. Around 2003, they bought a House on Cloverhill Place that has six Bedrooms[7] and has been described as Arts-and-Crafts-Style.[1] In September 2017, they were considering moving because of high Property-Taxes.[7] Mike has an older Sister, whose Highschool-Classmates included Zach Braff and Lauryn Hill and is now a social Worker who treats traumatized Children, and an adopted younger Brother,[1] who was born around 1990, “who is biracial and has learning disabilities”[7] and whose first name is Matthew[7] and Middle-Name Joshua.[1] Mike’s Sister has two Children.[8] Mike’s Father didn’t know about his Activities in the alternative Right until around the Time he was doxed, in January 2017. One of Mike’s Great-Grandfathers fled religious Persecution in Yugoslavia. He describes his Father as half norwegian, half serbian, his Mother, Paula Enockson Sippel,[9] as norwegian. In 1980, when Mike was three, Mike’s Mother left his Father and moved out of State. Mike’s Father married Billie in 1983.[1]





  • [T]he funny Thing is, RationalWiki is the most irrational Thing that exists, it’s just Name-calling the Website.[10]

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