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Michael Enoch Isaac Peinovich[1] (born ca. 1977[1]), a.k.a. ”’Mike Enoch”’, is a newyorkian Podcaster, the Founder of the Podcast “The Daily Shoah” on therightstuff.biz,[2] whom Journalist Matthew Sheffield has called “one of the three most influential figures in the alt-right, alongside Daily Stormer creator Andrew Anglin and Richard Spencer”.[3] Greg Johnson says that “In February of 2015, Mike went to the American Renaissance conference [put on by Jared Taylor] and returned calling himself a White Nationalist.”[4] In 2012, Mike founded therightstuff.biz, a.k.a. “The Right Stuff”, a.k.a. “TRS”. According to “Forward”, the “Echoes”, ((())), that Alt Rightists often use around jewish Names originated on “The Right Stuff”.[5] The Southern Poverty-Law-Centre and “Hill”-Editor Will Sommer say Mike is the Creator of this Meme.[6][7]


Mike’s Father, who has a doctoral Degree in english Linguistics and whose Résumé includes teaching old English at the University of Pennsylvania and working at Chase Manhattan Bank,[8][1] is named Mike Peinovich, as was his Father.[1] Mike’s Father is married to Billie Gleissner,[8] “who was a psychiatric social worker for many years”.[1] In 2017, they were in their 70s. They moved to [[:w:Montclair, New Jersey|Montclair, New Jersey]] in 2001 for its Schools, having previously lived in [[:w:Maplwood, New Jersey|Maplewood]] and [[:w:Livingston, New Jersey|Livingston]]. Around 2003, they bought a House on Cloverhill Place that has six Bedrooms[8] and has been described as Arts-and-Crafts-Style.[1] In September 2017, they were considering moving because of high Property-Taxes.[8] Mike has an older Sister, whose Highschool-Classmates included [[:w:Zach Braff|Zach Braff]] and [[:w:Lauryn Hill|Lauryn Hill]] and is now a social worker who treats traumatized children, and an adopted younger Brother,[1] who was born around 1990, “who is biracial and has learning disabilities”[8] and whose first name is Matthew[8] and Middle-Name Joshua.[1] Mike’s Sister has two Children.[9] Mike’s Father didn’t know about his Alt-Right-Activities until around the Time he was doxed, in January 2017. One of Mike’s Great-Grandfathers fled religious Persecution in Yugoslavia. He describes his Father as half norwegian, half serbian, his Mother, Paula Enockson Sippel,[10] as norwegian. In 1980, when Mike was three, Mike’s Mother left his Father and moved out of State. Mike’s Father married Billie in 1983.[1]


Alt Right

  • The only Movement they can’t colonise is ours, because we are, we’re specifically anti-[redacted], and we’re specifically pro-white.[11]




Milo Yiannopoulos

    One small defense of Milo. He didn’t so much defend pedophilia as simply factually state that grooming young boys is routine in the gay community. He casually assumed everyone just knew that all gay men had a sexual relationship with an adult homosexual when they were a boy.[12]


  • [T]he funny Thing is, RationalWiki is the most irrational Thing that exists, it’s just Name-calling the Website.[13]


  • [T]he Theory is that the Parameters of the Debate are set by [redacted]. Typically the two People taking either Side of a Question are [redacted], though not always, but the Parameters of the Debate are set by the [redacted] intellectual Establishment, and the Parameters the [redacted] frame maintain a [redacted] Framework in which [redacted] benefit on either Side, and typically both Sides actually achieve their Goals. That’s another Thing to look at. It’s not “Winner take all” with this, it’s not either or.[14]

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  • Mike was an AmNat until 11/2018. Its a pretty recent schism.[15]

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