Nick Fuentes

Nicholas J. (Joseph?[1]) Fuentes (born on the 18th of August 1998)[2] is the Host of “America first”, a Show that is streamed live on Weekdays at 7 PM CST and whose first Episode was on the 4th of February 2017.[3][4] As a Lyons-Township-Highschool-Senior and Student-Council-President in 2015-16,[5][6] he did “The Nicholas-J.-Fuentes-Show” with LTTV (Lyons-Township-Television).[7] Nick believes in “demographic Realism”.[8] According to his 23andme-Results, Nick is 79.1 Percent european, 14.8 Percent eastasian and native american, 1.3 Percent sub-saharan african, 2.3 Percent mideastern and northafrican and 2.6 Percent unassigned.[9] His Father is half mexican and half irish,[10] Mother “100 Percent italian”, her Ancestors being “from Calabria, Naples and Bari”,[11] Father’s Father his “only Grandparent who was mexican”.[12] On the 22nd of April 2020, he stated he lives with his Parents, but not in their Attic or Garage.[13]


Abigail Shapiro

  • I don’t think i’ve ever even played Twister. That’s a Game that you’d play, you know, for a Reason. It’s like: “Oh hey, let’s play, hey, hey, uh, hey, Abby Shapiro, want to play Twister? I’ll go first. [laughs] Right?” No, i would never say that to her, because, uh, she’s not pretty.[14]
  • I would probably say: Marry Ashley St. Clair and F Abigail Shapiro. Abigail Shapiro is not even pretty to me. I don’t even know what People see in her, except for the, you know, the Obvious, but other than that, she’s not very pretty.[15]

Ahmaud Arbery

Alternative Right


  • Apparently I’ve been told by the great leader of the Alt Right to leave their movement- but I have never claimed to be a part of that ever shrinking band of feds & losers. Who’s even left? Patrick Little & David Duke? Every serious person including J. Taylor have fled from it!
  • Effeminate guy: leave the alt right youre a loser

    Me: lol i was never in the alt right, youre actually the loser

    NPCs: WTF Nick stop countersignaling! No infighting allowed! Hello punching right dept?? ur cucking!!![16]

Alternative Right light

Deleted Tweet

Andrew Klavan

Andrew Yang

Ben Shapiro

Benny Johnson

  • [reading Superchat] Protestant Groyper says: “Who’s the Worse: Shapiro, Benny, Kirk or Prager?” Uh, Benny Johnson without a Doubt.

Bernie Sanders

  • This Guy is such an Idiot. How has he gotten this far? Only in an unserious Country could this Guy get anywhere. The Guy is a Buffoon.[17]

Charlie Kirk

  • Charlie Kirk is a Retard and a Coward, so we’ve got him checked on both Fronts.[18] “America first” Episode 492, “GROYPER WARS: DAN CRENSHAW GETS GROYPED AND THE TPUSA-ANTIFA CONNECTION”.

Charlottesvile-Rally Unite the Right

[12th of August 2017]

Classical Theist

  • Classical Theist is a Favorite of mine, you know.[19]


  • I chose to leave BU because college is a waste of time & money. You, on the other hand, go to a second choice school. Maybe you’ll feel differently about C-Ville when Texas becomes Mexico in a decade.[20]
  • Laughing at wagies and school cucks today[the 11th of March 2020], NEETs stay winning.[21]

  • I do scan the “Daily Groyper”.[22]


  • Destiny’s a Paedophile.[23]

Donald Trump

  • What you have to consider about Donald Trump is that he is not an Idealogue, he is an Opportunist. He is not a Conservative and it doesn’t Matter what he is, because all he wants is Power.[24]
  • Let the Adults talk, Donald. We don’t need the exclamatory Phrases, the Borderline racist Remarks. Now we need real Candidates.[25]
    [Following Tweet:]
    Anybody who disagrees with this is low IQ.[26]

Elad Eliahu

[The two Telegram-Posts below were posted successively. In his second Reply to Nick, Elad is probably alluding to a Meeting Nick had with Youtuber CatboyKami.[27]]

[Here’s the Tweet Elad was responding to:]

Ezra Levant

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Deleted Tweet


Deleted Tweet

Halsey English

  • I happen to think Halsey English is okay, but, i mean, look, Clout, is that, is that Clout-Chasing? I don’t know, i see a Lot of this Behaviour.[28]


  • My Father’s obviously half mexican. He’s republican.[29]

Humanity first


  • An entire race of people does not get displaced from their homeland by foreigners on accident. This was the design of the rootless elite.[30]
  • Anything less than a total and indefinite immigration moratorium is not a conservative position.[31]
  • Who do you think it is that’s bringing these People over? It’s the capitalist Class.[32]

Jair Bolsonaro

Tweet tweeted on the 29th of October 2018

Jared Holt

Jean-François Gariépy

  • JF was apparently not happy that i called him — what did i say, “a balding, yellow-toothed, Retard-F***er”? — he didn’t like, he didn’t like that i said that. I guess i must have, must have touched a Nerve with that one, but you know he’s a classic Example of somebody who can dish it out, but can’t take it. You know, the Guy does many Streams with Richard Spencer on there and all these other Characters who do nothing but critique me. And it’s not even like Good-Faith-Critique, it’s Bad-Faith-Critique and it’s personal. In a Lot of Cases they bring People on just to say, you know, just nasty personal Attacks at me and he participates.[33]


  • Dallas-Groyper says: “Tariq Nasheed is this close to naming them.” Yeah, he’s almost there. Dallas-Groyper says: “Unironically he has these random based Moments. He even supported Trump’s Immigration-Ban.” Yeah, a Lot of these like militant Blacks, they do have an Edge to them. You know, i mean, when you get, when you get these People and they’re like really, and they’re really off the Reservation, that’s when they’re out of Control and they can say whatever they want. Louis Farrakhan, Tariq Nasheed, you see this a Lot of Times.[34]
  • Like if you hear Knowles and Walsh and Klavan, there’s actually a Lot of Overlap between us and them. Obviously on some Issues there’s not, like on Immigration and on Race and on, uh, you know, jewish Power, and Things like Israel. Right?[35]
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Deleted Tweet

Julian Assange

  • Uh, Assange is Kind of Cringe, honestly. He served his Role in 2016 by exposing Hillary Clinton and some other Things, but, i mean, ultimately [unintelligible] the Guy also like doxed all those ICE-People a few Years ago. The Guy’s like a Leftist. So i don’t know if i’m a big Assange-Supporter.[36]

Kathy Zhu

Keith Woods (YouTuber)

  • I can’t really recommend, i’ve never seen his Stuff.[37]

Luke O’Brien

Two Tweets

Malcolm X

Marion Maréchal

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  • Right now the immigration debate is whether we’re going to allow the third world to invade our country legally or illegally. It doesn’t matter if they have their papers together, we don’t want to become Mexico![39]

Michael Tracey

Milo Yiannopoulos


  • “Nazi” is the new n-word for white people.[40]

Nigel Farage

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Paul Nehlen

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Pope Francis

Deleted Tweet


  • That is a Religion that makes no Sense.[42]
  • [reading a Superchat] Let’s see, average Groyper says: “Is protestant Groyper an Oxymoron?” No, you can be a Gryper and be protestant.[43]


  • Well i’m not a Racialist. I don’t believe that Race is the Number-1-Determinant or, you know, even the primary, but the Problem becomes when People pretend that Race doesn’t exist at all.[44]
  • Race is genetic. I’m not a Eugenicist though. Right? So i believe in racial Realism, but i’m not a Eugenicist. I don’t believe that there’s a Hierarchy of Races. Right? I don’t believe that one is superior to another, i don’t believe in Extermination, Genocide.[45]
  • Nobody acts like Whites, is what it comes down to. Nobody wants to say that, but it’s true. Asians don’t act like Whites. Africans don’t act like Whites. Indians don’t act like Whites, american Indians, right? They just don’t.[46]

Richard Spencer

  • I think he, in his Mind he sounds aristocratic, but to everybody else he just sounds gay.[47]

Right Side Broadcasting Network

Ronald Reagan

  • Well, reaganite Big-Business-Worship is Globalism. It’s the Same. Globalism is Neoliberalism. Globalism is the Globalisation of the Economy through free Trade, through the free Movement of Goods. Globalism is the free Market in Terms of the free Movement of Labour, of Peoples across Borders. So Reagan was a Globalist.[48]

Ronny Cameron

  • I guess I’ll be debating that wignat brown noser little ronny cameron on killstream tonight at 10:15. I have no respect for him but at least he’ll man up and confront me unlike his loser friends who snicker about me in subtweets. Tune in for an effortless victory.[49]


  • Broke: Sanctioning Russia and expelling their diplomats because of “election meddling.”Woke: Admitting Ukraine into NATO & restarting the arms race with Russia because of their high abortion rate.Bespoke: Going to war with Russia to destroy the homunculus.[50]

Sam Hyde

  • I don’t think he like watches my Show like, you know, consistently or anything like that, but when we met he did tell me that he’s seen some of my Content before, so that was pretty cool.[51]


  • Science is Garbage, all right? All the Science isn’t even real.[52]



  • Make it illegal to speak Spanish in the United States. RT if you agree.[54]

Stefan Molyneux



  • [reading a Superchat] Jaden says: “Should Tobacco be banned too?”. Probably not.[55]

Tommy Robinson

Deleted Tweet

Tulsi Gabbard

  • She’s not charismatic. She’s not a good Politician. She’s also not a Leftist.[56]

Universal basic Income