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Nina Koupriianova (born on the 19th of October[1] in the Soviet Union[2]), a.k.a. Nina Byzantina, is Richard Spencer’s Ex, having been his Wife since August 2010. Claiming he has been “physically, emotionally, verbally and financially abusive”,[3] she is currently trying to finalise her Divorce from him and has asked for financial Help to do this on[4] Her Parents are russian Émigrés,[5] she identifies as russian[2] and she is one Quarter georgian.[6] Nina also holds canadian Citizenship.[3]


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Some human predators fear intimacy of any kind: from vulnerable conversation to a simple hug. A particular incident comes to mind. It took place the night before I was to fly to Canada to visit my family. He suggested that we watch a movie and chose a Danish film called The Hunt. He *always* chose. The film was about a man facing false accusations and the tragic witch hunt that ensued in a small town. It was quite good. . . What do couples do when they watch a movie? They cuddle. Moments later—out of nowhere—I found myself pinned down by his body weight. He was grabbing my lower jaw and choking me. This was uncontrollable rage. Those dead, blackened shark eyes again. The psychopath stare—some call it. . . I was beginning for him to stop. After all, I was four months pregnant with our first child—the child he begged me to have. . . The next morning we got up at 4 am to make my flight. He drove me to the airport. Silent. Brooding. . . Shortly into my visit, my mother noticed several bruises on my body and pushed me for an explanation. I refused to go to the police station to document the aftermath, but she did convince me to take some smartphone photos. . . “Was your mom able to figure out her iPad?”—he emailed me. “She was very happy, but hasn’t had the time to sit down with me to set it up yet. To be perfectly honest, I am not ready to converse with you after what you’ve done. My jaw is bruised,” I explained. “I understand. I’m sorry, and I feel terrible.” . . That’s it. That’s all it took. . . I spent most of my marriage paying attention to words rather than behavior patterns. It was when I saw the latter that I left and never looked back. After mulling over staying with my parents, I chose to ignore their reasoning about the severity of my situation and returned to Montana. He was my husband, my future child’s father. He *apologized*. And, in any case, the arrival of our child would surely make things better! . . It made things worse. . . (Excerpt) . . . . . . . . #selfie #narcissisticabuse #traumabonding #je #autumn #optoutside #私 #ich #селфи #осень #whitefishmontana #406 #秋 #divorce #domesticviolence #memyselfandi #herbst #automne #outdoorcollective

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