Paul Giuglianotti

Paul Giuglianotti, a.k.a. Pauly G, is a Boeing-Systems-Engineer.[1] According to a LinkedIn-Profile, he received a B.S. in Aerospace-Engineering from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in 2013.[2] He was a Candidate for Seattle-City-Council Position 9 in the Primary held on the 1st of August 2017, coming in fourth with 3,782 or 2.23 Percent of the Votes.[3]


This is Mayor Jenny Durkan’s administration, actively seeking to dismantle police accountability and transparency in…

Posted by Paul Giuglianotti on Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Shaun Lee Fuhr

  • Who killed Shaun Fuhr? We know a Seattle-Office was the one who fired the Shot that killed Shaun, but who were the Accomplices in his Murder? The Seattle-Police may have hunted Shaun like an Animal, buy Mayor Jenny Durkan pulled the Trigger.[4]

Mike Solan

  • We have to challenge this Myth of Police-Accountability in Seattle, which is repeated, not just by the Alt-Right-Police-Unions, who recently elected an Alt-Right-SWAT-Team-Leader, -President, but also by our supposed Leaders like Seattle-Mayor Jenny Durkan and Chief of Police Carmen Best.[5]

Results for Primary-Election on the 1st of August 2017 for Seattle-City-Council Position 9

Name Percent Votes
M. Lorena González 64.17 % 108,602
Pat Murakami 19.71 % 33,349
David Preston 8.57 % 14,503
Pauly Giuglianotti 2.23 % 3,782
Eric W. Smiley 1.81 % 3,069
Ian Affleck-Asch 1.53 % 2,585
Ty Pethe 1.52 % 2,574
Write-ins 0.45 % 768
Total 169,232[3]

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