Richard Spencer

Richard Bertrand Spencer
Richard B. Spencer in 2016

Photo by Vas Panagiotopoulos

Born11th of May[1] 1978[2]
FiancéeMegan Bobonick[3][4]
Children2 (with Nina Koupriianova)[5]
1 Daughter (2015)[6][7]
1 Son (youngest)[8]
Maternal GrandfatherDr Richard Walter Dickenhorst (24 June 1923 – 13 Jan. 2002)[9][10][11]
Paternal GrandfatherRoss Bertrand Spencer[12]
ParentsWilliam Bertrand “Rand” Spencer[12][13][14]
Sherry Jean Spencer[12][13]
Siblings1 Sister[9] ( about 5 Years older than he)[2][15]
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Richard Bertrand Spencer[1] (11th of May[16] 1978[2] in Boston,[17] Massachusetts) is the Coiner of the Term “alternative Right”.[18][19] He considers himself a “white Zionist” who wants a “secure Homeland” for Whites.[20] J. Richard Cohen, the former President of the Southern Poverty Law Center, once called him “the Head of the alt[ernative] Right, the Godfather of the alt[ernative] Right”.[21] Since 2011, Richard Spencer has been the President of the National Policy Institute, which has been described as a “white-nationalist think tank” by the “LA Times”.[22]


2007 to 2012 inclusive



Alternative Right light

  • They’re just a Gateway to absolute Idiocy and so on. And yes, f**k the alt[ernative Right] light and the intellectual dark Web and Paul Joseph Watson and all those People, just to H*ll with them all.[31]
  • I mean, i always hated the alt[ernative Right] light.[32]

Andrew Yang


Bernie Sanders

  • I really don’t have any Animus towards Bernie. I think he’s a decent Guy. I’m not really excited to vote for him, but i do find him to be genuine and that is saying something.[33]


Boycott-, Divestment- and Sanctions-Movement against Israel

Catalan Independence


  • I mean, i kind of like the Old Testament in the Sense of just the extreme Violence.[35]
  • I mean, there does, there do not need to be white People for Christianity to survive.[36]

Christian Picciolini


“Daily Stormer”

Donald Trump

Fen Allard

Fox News


  • I’ve really never liked the Idea of Gab.[37]

Greg Johnson


  • Look, i don’t fully regret saying, you know, “Hail Trump!”, jumping on the Trump-Bandwagon. I think it was, we were all desperate for something. This whole Phenomenon looked just crazy enough to work.[38]



  • Like, i’ve, over the past six Months — i won’t go into Details, but — i have been gone through a Divorce, so you can probably intuit what i’m talking about.[39]
  • Well i’ve, i’ve described myself as a kind of tragic Atheist, in the Sense that i’m, i don’t resonate in the slightest Bit with the happy Atheism of People like Richard Dawkins and Peter Hitchens, who — or not Peter Hitchens, Christopher Hitchens.[40]
  • I was raised episcopalian, whether you consider that christian or not [laughs].[41]

  • [F]or half the Year i live in Montana.[42]


  • Lesbians aren’t gay, in the Words of Steve Sailer.[43]



  • It’s almost like vis-à-vis your average liberal american Globalist, who supports gay Rights and all this Kind of Stuff, i might actually kind of be able to see Eye to Eye with a traditionalist Muslim. And look, i think that Islam is a Threat. I think Islam itself is a black Flag that is raised against the white Man, Period, End of Statement, but that doesn’t mean that, you know, i’m going to defend contemporary Society, you know. Because the other Thing i would add to this is that the contemporary West will eventually lose to Islam unless it’s reborn in the Way that we understand it.[44]

Katie Hopkins

  • She’s calling for nonpeaceful ethnic Cleansing on national Television. She wants a One-State-Solution, which is Israel.[45]

Lacy MacAuley

  • I am now dating Lacy MacAuley, i don’t know if you’ve heard this. We will actually be shortly married in a tasteful Ceremony. She will mace me in lieu of saying “I do”, she will just mace me in the Face. It’s going to be a great Marriage. This red-brown Alliance. Just kidding.[46]

Lauren Southern


Martin Luther King Jr

  • MLK wasn’t as interesting to me as a, say, Critic of Society as someone like Malcolm X, whom i actually agree with more often.[47]

Mike Cernovich


Nathan Damigo


  • I want, you could call, Civilisationalism or Identitarianism or Racialism in the Sense that we have real, we have real unified Cultures that have a, that are Part of an historical Tradition and can look forward to a Future that is connected to their Past. I don’t want to turn the Planet into a giant Shopping-Mall. I want Europeans to be european, to pursue our Path. I want Africans to be african. I want Indians to be indian. I want them to rediscover themselves. That is what i am about.[48]

Pat Little

  • [Richard reading a Comment:] “Richard, what do you think of Pat Little? Would you invite him onto a Stream? Greetings from Switzerland.” Yeah, “Greetings from Switzerland”. Yeah, i’m not certainly opposed to that. Um, i’m not, i’m not sure Pat Little and i would, would gel, but i’m not, i’ve never, i’m not opposed to him and i might do that. I kind of like just having our own little Club here. I’m kind of more into deepening than just kind of talking to every, everyone.[49]

Pete Buttigieg

  • He has literally no Policies.[50]
  • Pete Buttigieg is just a like tedious, neocon, Middle-Class-, boring Person that People like because he’s so non-threatening.[51]

Presidential Elections 2020


Roosh V

Sargon of Akkad


I think that, uh, humane Sterilisation-Laws would be, obviously, a Policy of the Ethnostate.[52]


  • If we as white People unilaterally disarm, we will be crushed in this upcoming World.[53]


They clearly have a fascination with being whipped and tied up and totally dominated.[54]

Quotes about him


Henrik Palmgren

Lauren Chen

Maram Susli

Mike Enoch

  • No, I don’t think Richard ever banged Elle Reeve, even though she clearly was fantasizing about it.[55]

Nick Fuentes

  • And i’m not looking to build Bridges with Richard Spencer, we tried to do that. And the Guy’s a total Loser. I mean the Guy is just a, he’s just a antisocial, narcissistic Loser and that’s all there is to it. You know i’m narcissistic, i guess, but i’m groupable, i’m personable, i’m relatively polite and considerate and kind. Um, but this Guy is just nasty, you know, so i don’t want to build Bridges with someone like that. Just a very toxic, he’s toxic as a Person and he’s toxic politically. What is there to gain from that? Everybody this Guy touches, their Life is destroyed or ruined. Nobody, nobody’s Life gets better after intersecting with Richard Spencer. So, i don’t know who is out, if you like Richard Spencer — all of two People watching this Show like him — i don’t know what you’re doing here. Go watch “The McSpencer Group”. What a stupid Name, what a stupid Show, with such a stupid dumb Idiot.[56]
  • I’ve heard Richard Spencer say Things like: “I spit on Jesus Christ”. I’ve heard him say that. Okay? He hates Christiany. He hates America. He says that America is over and something else will come next.[57]

Roosh V

Deleted Tweet from 24th of October 2018

Ryan Dawson

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